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Migrating to v2

Migrating to Suspensive v2

Suspensive v2, we focused on increasing compatibility and improving DX. To accomplish this, we had to introduce some dramatic changes. As a result, we removed some previously deprecated features and added some new interfaces.

The minimum required React version is now 18.0

Suspensive v2 requires React 18.0 or later. This is because we are using the new useSyncExternalStore hook, which is only available in React 18.0 and later. Previously, we have been using the shim provided by React(use-sync-external-store). In addition, in React 18, Suspense-related features were added (opens in a new tab), We decided that the direction of the Suspensive libraries needed to focus on React 18 or higher in the future rather than responding to Legacy React.

Migration guide

Thanks to all Suspensive contributors

We were able to release v2 because of Suspensive's contributors. Thank you to everyone who worked together to make it a better library, and we look forward to your continued support.

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