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Check supported browsers

Suspensive Libraries are optimized for modern browsers. It is compatible with the following browsers config

Chrome>= 51
Firefox>= 53
Edge>= 18
Safari>= 11
iOS>= 11
Opera>= 38

Depending on your environment, you might need to add polyfills. If you want to support older browsers, you need to transpile the library from node_modules yourselves.

Check supported react version


Add as Dependencies

@suspensive/react-query lives in npm. To install the latest stable version, run the following command

npm version (opens in a new tab)

npm install @suspensive/react-query @tanstack/react-query@4

@suspensive/react-query internally uses @tanstack/react-query v4 as peerDependencies. Therefore, make sure the correct version of @tanstack/react-query is installed in the dependencies of package.json. The reason is explained in Why need to use?.